1. Should there be any discrepancy in products delivered and the customer wishes for a return and exchange, the customer need to notify MAGICHER via email to to report on the products within 3 days of receiving the goods.

  2. Customer will receive confirmation from MAGICHER within 7 working days for the goods return and exchange arrangement notifications.

  3. Please do not deliver the return products back to the product’s manufacturer or brand owner.

  4. Return & exchange of products can be arranged for the following reasons:
    i. If the products delivered are in damaged or defective condition; or
    ii. If the product is near expiry or expired; or
    iii. If the product is different from the order delivered. Products for return & exchange shall be returned in its new, unused, original condition, quantity and packaging as it first delivered to the customer together with proof of purchase.

  5. The exchange of products can only be for the following:
    i. Products has to be exchange with the same product.
    ii. Products has to be of the same brand.
    iii. Products has to be of the same quantity & volume size.

  6. Refund of products can only be for the following:
    i. Due to product delist

  7. Please take note all shipping fee is to be borne by the customer UNLESS the product which the customer returned has been certified in Clause 4, the return delivery will be arranged by MAGICHER.